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Quite many people has requested that I put up the list of people who are contributing to Team Zeheroth's projects.

I should say now that Team Zeheroth is a voluntary team with no intention to make a monetary income whatsoever, however, despite that, nearly everyone is superbly committed! :) It should be said that Team Zeheroth is always looking for more committed people to join its ranks, if you do not make it into one certain project, you will most likely make it into another project under-way by Team Zeheroth.

This list is liable to change especially concerning the names of those who fall into the 'resource' category, as they have yet to be confirmed. Also note that the list beneath ONLY applies for ONLY the 'Zeheroth series' (the storyline/campaign series) and NOT the CotH series (which has a different set of contributors). All testers are dedicated testers and not temporary testers. All people listed below have been asked to join Team Zeheroth and has accepted and is named by their online alias unless specifically specified or else they do not have an online alias (in which case their real name will be used with permission).

Development Contributors are:

Ding760 - Project Leader/Developer/Resource Manager/Tester

Beatrix - Developer/Resource Manager/Tester

OmegaPrime - Developer/Resource Manager/Tester

pianchi1992 - Developer/Resource Manager/Tester

ArianaKitty - Developer/Resource Manager/Tester

Rushnacuwig - Developer/Tester

FilipFryJ01 - Developer/Tester

FireflyOnion - Developer/Tester

Votolex - Developer

u_chan_monkey - Developer

Lombash495 - Developer

froglice - Developer

goodles101 - Developer

TitanX - Developer

AssangeMatrix - Developer

Operation619 - Developer

Blitzkrieg1988 - Developer

FarmvilleFrance - Developer

Inustrach - Developer

simon1024 - Resource Manager/Tester

Pucha3 - Resource Manager/Tester

OperationAss - Resource Manager/Tester

crysisfanyes - Resource Manager/Tester

Long Qi Zhao - Tester Manager/Tester

Wu Zhu - Tester Manager/Tester

LGustav - Tester

jasper199 - Tester

cybertron876 - Tester

Paulusman - Tester

YoMoMa - Tester

Kullers0n - Tester

severity69 - Tester

Blizz19876 - Tester

cyberlink22 - Tester

albeitio55 - Tester

pineapple1702 - Tester

obi1kanobi - Tester

repertoire9 - Tester

GasTinct1212 - Tester

thumderstrum1 - Tester

palanic0 - Tester

iownu345 - Tester

Gastron_POI - Tester

repu - Tester

thassygurl - Tester

farnsworth101 - Tester

casarcaesar - Tester

stuppen4 - Tester

RaggaeNoir - Tester

RedRising4U - Tester

loKartAriF - Tester

Poniak_Russ - Tester

kayan4uber - Tester

Resource Contributors are:

Geath Adelemi - Storyline Writer/Storyline Editor

Katie Price - Storyline Editor

Jean Hilton - Storyline Editor

Kim Song Yi - Storyline Editor

Wu Long Xiao - Storyline Editor

Da Xiong - Storyline Editor

Li Li Zhao - Storyline Editor

HalcyonicFalconX - Musical Artist Contributor

OcularNebula - Musical Artist Contributor

dlxrevolution - Musical Artist Contributor

Fr0zEnPh0eNiX - Musical Artist Contributor

FlameGirl333 - Game Model Designer

Jackindabox - Game Model Designer

VarniaP - Gameplay Advisor

OtenOri - Gameplay Advisor

Jack Armstrong - Creative Advisor

Francis McCartan - Creative Advisor

Long Qi Zhao - Creative Advisor

Wu Zhu - Creative Advisor

Note: This list will be updated accordingly as new members join or old members leave.

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